Who is CyBear Interactive?

CyBear Interactive, a division of Watauga Group,  is a digital media marketing agency based in Orlando, Florida with an enormous appetite for everything that encompasses digital advertising. 
Just like a bear sharpens its claws, we sharpen our focus on Search, Social, Programmatic and Analytics. We stand out from our competition by providing clients with an innovative strategy, optimized delivery and advanced analysis.
At CyBear it is understood that our client’s success is a direct reflection of our success and is also a vital part to a results driven campaign.
Our Team

Our team knows Digital.  We live online, we breath social media, and Google knows our name.

Always jumping at the chance to learn more for our clients and keep up to date on the latest digital advertising trends, the CyBear team are all certified in multiple platforms. 

In addition to our Google expertise in AdWords, the CyBear team has certifications in Google Analytics, DoubleClick Campaign Manager, Facebook Blueprint, and The Trade Desk Programmatic Certifications.

We have training and extensive knowledge in programmatic platforms, across social platforms, in analytics, tag management and with business integrator software.

Our Analysts Weigh in On Reddit

Our Analysts Weigh in On Reddit

Did you know Reddit is the 4th most visited website in the U.S. and 6th in the world!? With over 542 million monthly visitors we wanted our digital analysts to shed some light onto the rising boom in this platform. An Overview of Reddit: "The Front Page of the...

OTT is Continuing to Change the Landscape of TV

OTT is Continuing to Change the Landscape of TV

With millions of hours of TV content available at any time, consumers are no longer interested in paying for programming they don’t watch. In fact, over 54% of the US population are cord- cutters, cord-nevers, orcord-trimmers....

LinkedIn’s Change in Measured Impressions

Changes have been made: LinkedIn has recently changed the way impressions are measured. Previously, LinkedIn was mysterious in exactly how impressions were measured. Standards only stated that if the ad was in view of a user an impression was counted. As of March...