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Our Digital Media Planning and Buying Services are second to none.  As a Digital Media Agency with offices in Orlando and Atlanta, we work closely with our clients in person and via our technology.  We deliver on our client goals.  See what we can do for you.

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) or Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising produces quick results, offers in-depth tracking, and has one of the highest Return on Investment (ROI) of any online marketing channel.

Social Media Marketing

Over 10 years of success creating and managing social media advertising on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube. With incredibly large reach, highly customized targeting capabilities, and reasonable costs, social media advertising offers brands undisputed opportunity.

Data & Insights

Did you know that advertising delivered on a mobile device now makes up 65.1% of total internet advertising revenues?  Interactive Advertising BureauWhat other insights might you be missing?  Our analysts can show you how to use your data in an effective and meaningful way

Programmatic Advertising

We manage campaigns across multiple exchanges using automated buying software. This allows for efficient use of ad spend to highly targeted audiences. Programmatic buying allows us to concentrate on strategy, not placements and tags, and even make real-time buying possible.

Our Analysts Weigh in On Reddit

Our Analysts Weigh in On Reddit

Did you know Reddit is the 4th most visited website in the U.S. and 6th in the world!? With over 542 million monthly visitors we wanted our digital analysts to shed some light onto the rising boom in this platform. An Overview of Reddit: "The Front Page of the...

OTT is Continuing to Change the Landscape of TV

OTT is Continuing to Change the Landscape of TV

With millions of hours of TV content available at any time, consumers are no longer interested in paying for programming they don’t watch. In fact, over 54% of the US population are cord- cutters, cord-nevers, orcord-trimmers....

LinkedIn’s Change in Measured Impressions

Changes have been made: LinkedIn has recently changed the way impressions are measured. Previously, LinkedIn was mysterious in exactly how impressions were measured. Standards only stated that if the ad was in view of a user an impression was counted. As of March...